Your routine "ClickUp checkup"
to avoid critical breakdowns &
keep it a fine-tuned productivity engine.

Your ClickUp CheckUp Will Be Sent To the Email Address You Submit Below:
What is included:
  • The full 23-point checklist to clean up your ClickUp, and keep it working like clockwork. 
  • The five types of tasks that can clog & clutter your workspace (and what to do about them) 
  • An ultra fine-tuned "task filtering" method that allows you to find exactly which tasks are clogging your workspace [03:00]
  • How to quickly find "ticking time-bomb tasks" that are likely to cause missed deadlines and workflow gridlock [05:00]
  • Quickly find stale, lingering, and expired tasks that are clogging your workspace and obscuring critical tasks (and give your team the "f*ck it, not doing it" response) [09:00]
  • How I use Google Sheets to wrangle long lists of duplicate tasks (plus, the spreadsheet formulas I use to do it faster) [19:00]
  • How to create a "workload dashboard" using Box Views (this is a quick overview of incomplete work, per-person, across your whole team) [20:00]
  • How to use the "multi task toolbar" to bulk-edit multiple tasks, and reduce your total click-count [41:00]
  • How to "clean the windshield" of the View Bar, so you can see clearly, without distractions [33:00]
  • How to create an "automation index" so that you can avoid your automations tripping over each other [46:00]
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